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zondag 17 maart 2019

New:Liteblox lithium batteries

We've been looking into LiFePO4 (lithium phosphate) batteries for some time now, and the long and short of it is that we've become dealers for the German Liteblox batteries. 

Not only does the Liteblox LB19XX battery save a lot of weight even compared to the best AGM batteries (at 1.9 kg they're the lightest we've come across that can reliably start a high compression V8), they are also constructed from the highest quality LiFePO4 cells available. These are inserted in a carbon fibre shell that protects them from shocks, vibrations and excess heat. 

However, the one standout feature that makes the Gen 4 Liteblox batteries particularly suitable for TVRs is the added remote monitoring, kill switch and anti-car theft functionality via Bluetooth.  

TVRs that sit for longer periods because of their owners having to go about their mundane daily business, tend to drain their battery rather quickly. To compound the issue, the battery is in a hard to reach location which makes disconnecting manually a bit of a faff to say the least - especially in underground car parks with little space between your car and the next! What could be more convenient than switching it off by Bluetooth using the liteblox app on your smartphone. Incidentally it also offers a smart anti-theft function.

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