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dinsdag 30 oktober 2018

Steering in the right direction

Virtually a carbon copy (pardon the pun) of the OEM Personal Grinta steering wheel on pretty much every Chimaera out there - until you hold them next to each other - with the essential distinction of being entirely made of carbon fibre and trimmed in Alcantara. More steering feel, more direct feedback through the non-squishy rim. Only about a quarter of the original's weight at around 300 gram. Not cheap at around 650 euro (but if you get together with other interested Tivosi, a small group buy discount is a possibility) - but then again, the best never is...

Although it's strongly recommended that owners of non-power assisted cars stick to the OEM 350 mm size, 330 and 315 (slightly different design for the latter, not that you'd notice...) mm sizes are available as possible alternatives for PAS applications.

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