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zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

More useful TVR products from ACT

Given the number of duct tape repairs I've seen on Cerbera airboxes right where the intake hoses are supposed to find a secure connection, these new carbon fibre backing plates from Tim are sure to make a good few friends on our shores.

And now, V8S (and old school Morgan Plus 8) owners can finally swap that nasty corrugated intake hose for a smooth bore silicone item. :) Replacing the 90 degree (well actually it's more like 105 degrees, then 15 the other direction) intake hose with the corresponding ACT item (in black rubber or silicone depending on your preferences)on Griffiths and Chimaeras tends to liberate 3-5 horses on its own, so I would expect a small gain on this application too. You won't feel the difference from that alone, but together with a set of carbon superflare trumpets... cheapest 10-15 bhp/ 20Nm (over a very wide rev range) you'll find on a Rover V8-engined car. :)